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    August 7, 2018

    Who do your dollars support?

    Research banks and credit cards to discover dollars supporting and contributing to our changing climate, considering corporations shifting capital flows to reduce risk and optimize opportunity.

    Julie Shafer, Head of Purpose Investments & Philanthropy, BNP Paribas/Bank of the West

    Ivan Frishberg, Vice President for Sustainable Banking, Amalgamated Bank

    Kristin Hull, Founder and CEO, Nia Impact Capital

    Capital is mobilizing to solve global challenges and finance local resilience. Research how capital for impact and how corporations and investors, from the global to the local scale are working to bring trust and decentralized solutions back into finance.


    [nee-ah] (Swahili origin)

    intention, purpose​

    Nia Impact Capital designs portfolios where financial returns and social impact work hand-in-hand.

    ‘Nia Impact Capital announced the launch of its women-led Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) dedicated to helping wealth management professionals meet the growing demand for impact investing solutions.’


    The business world is facing unprecedented change. The mega trends that are changing the world in profound ways present new risks and opportunities for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. The World Economic Forum’s 2014 Global Risks survey asked the world’s business and political leaders to rank their biggest concerns. The top 10 global risks all fell into two categories: economy-wide concerns (fiscal crises, unemployment, inequity) and climate and natural resources (water scarcity, the risk of the world not addressing climate change, and more extreme weather). In addition, other fundamental global shifts, particularly the transparency that technology now enables, are putting companies under a powerful microscope and forcing them to answer new questions from customers, consumers, communities, governments, and employees.


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