Your energies, your gifts, your vision.

    August 11, 2018

    No one ever died saying, I’m so glad for the self-centered, self-serving, and self-protective life I lived.” Offer yourself to the world–your energies your gifts, your visions, your spirit–with open-hearted generosity. 

    -Parker Palmer

    “Life has set the stamp of individuality on your soul. You are different from any other person who ever lived. You are an individualized center in the Consciousness of God. You are an individualized activity in the Action of God. You are you, and you are eternal. Begin to live today as the immortal being you are and all thought of death, all fear of change will slip from you. You will step out of the tomb of uncertainty into the light of eternal day.”                                                            

    -Ernest Holmes

    We are here to live out loud. -Emile Zola

    “Imagine if birds only sang when heard. If musicians only played when approved of. If poets only spoke when understood.” 

    “Remove your human hesitation. As you inhale, feel what rises in you. At the top of your breath, blink the mind shut like an eye. As you exhale, let the feeling sound from you, no matter how softly.

    -Mark Nepo

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