Leos of love.

    July 28, 2018

    (Well, yeah. Except #9…if you cross us. Then we release…and always in ❤.)

    9 Reasons to Appreciate the Leos in Your Life:

    1. Do we even need to say this? Leos are fun as hell.At their best, Leos are unrivaled in their ability to entertain and engage with people. It may come through in different ways — quiet Leos exist!!! — but Leos want to make sure others are enjoying life as much as they are. 

    2. Leos are so incredibly generous — with their hearts, their praise, their affection, their time, their attention, just generous— because it makes them genuinely happy. If you’ve got a Leo in your life, you know they love to make you feel special and appreciated. They have some of the biggest hearts in the zodiac and they love in ALL CAPS.

     3. They will gas you up, because they’re supportive as hell and live for boosting the people they love. Leos will brag for you. They may have a reputation for needing to be the center of attention, but they want their loved ones to shine bright, too — and they are so stoked when their people achieve and grow.

    4. You always know where you stand with a Leo. They don’t have time for games or bull#*&%. One of Leo’s most underrated qualities is their strong sense of integrity. They loathe liars, cheaters, and fakes — and would never want to be any of the above — and you won’t catch them being shady.

    5. And you don’t have to worry about them flaking or backing down on their word. Leos come through for you. What you see is what you get with a Leo, and if they care about you, they won’t let you down.

    7. And they will stand up for you when you need someone in your corner. Listen, a Leo is protective as fuck and is looking after you whether you like it or not. They’re a lion and they will treat you like their cub if need be. And tbh, people who make you feel safe are people to hold onto.

    8. They’re positive and optimistic, which let’s be real, is a presence everyone needs right now. Like, they are sun in the shape of a human. They’re warm and uplifting — traits we need to wrap around ourselves like a protective blanket given *gestures at the world* everything.

    9. In a Leo, you have a friend or partner for life. Long-lasting, emotional partnerships are a top priority for Leo. They will show up for you, invest in you, and — if you match their loyalty — pour their huge-ass hearts into you.

    -BuzzFeed, Anna Borges

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