February 5, 2018

    “True expression rises through us. In this expression, all the conversations and honest sharing that passed through our small tribe(s) over those years permeated (our) consciousness, the way the ocean saturates a sponge. A sponge doesn’t create the water it holds. […] We soak up the deepest meaning from each other and the water of wisdom passes through us.”

    -Mark Nepo

    “Everything exists as a vibration in time and space. Only the frequencies separates sand from water, soul from dust and me from you. In the boundless order beyond the Universe we are ONE. Only briefly ‘separate’ from each other under the stars, moon and the sun.”

    -Super Soul Sunday

    Righteousness is not just the private practice of doing good; it sums up the global responsibility of the human community to make sure every human being has what they need, that everyone pursues a fair sense of justice for every other human being, and that everyone lives in right relationship with one another, creation, and God.


    • …this discovery is life’s real and highest goal. Our supreme purpose in life is not to make a fortune, nor to pursue pleasure, nor to write our name on history, but to discover this spark of the divine that is in our hearts.
    • Last, when we realize this goal, we discover simultaneously that the divinity within ourselves is one and the same in all—all individuals, all creatures, all of life.

    God’s passion is justice. . . . As the social form of compassion, justice is about politics [the word “politics” comes from the Greek polis for “city”]. . . . Politics is about the shape and shaping, the structure and structuring, of the city and, by extension, of human communities more generally, ranging from the family to society as a whole. . . . Justice is the political form of compassion, the social form of love, a compassionate justice grounded in God as compassionate.

    -Richard Rohr

    The Slow Arm of All That Matters

    I have fallen through and worked into

    a deeper way – one step at a time, one pain

    at a time, one grief at a time, one amends at a

    time-until the long, slow arm of all that matters

    has bowed my estimation of heaven. Now, like a 

    heron wairting for the waters to clear, I look for

    heaven on earth and wait of for the turbulence to settle.

    And I confess, for all the ways we stir things 

    up, I can see that though we can stop, life never

    stops: the lonely bird crashes into the window

    just as the sun disperses my favorite doubt, a 

    sudden wind closes your willing heart as the

    moment of truth passes between us, and the

    damn phone rings as my father is dying. All

    these intrusions, majestically unfair, and not of our 

    timing. So we spin and drop and catch and land.

    And sometimes, we fall onto these little islands of stillness,

    like now, from which we are renewed by our kinship

    with all and that irrepressible feeling resurrects our want to be here,

    to push off again into the untamable stream.

    Under all the conflicts and dilemmas we face, we can discover over and over that everything, and everyone, in life is connected.

    -Mark Nepo


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