Intimately connected.

November 25, 2017

I have just three things to teach:




These are your greatest treasures.

compassionate toward yourself,

you reconcile all beings in the world.


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…when we tend our deepest center, we care for all souls. Another powerful way to realize our interconnectedness is to imagine the human family as a stand of Aspens growing by a river. Though each tree appears to be growing independently, not attached to the others, beneath the soil, out of view, the roots of all the trees exist as one enormous root. And so, like these trees, our soul’s growth, while appearing to be independent, is intimately connected to the health of those around us. For our spirits are entwined at center, out of view.

I know these things to be true: in cutting off strangers, we cut off ourselves; in choking roots, we choke our own growth; in loving strangers, we love ourselves.

Mark Nepo

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‘Dad missed the wilderness. He need to be in roaming free in open country and living among untamed animals. He felt i was good for your should to have buzzards and coyotes and snakes around. That was the way man was meant to live, he’d say, in harmony with the wild, like t he Indians, not this lords-of-the-earth crap, trying to rule the entire goddamn planet, cutting down all the forest and killing every creature you couldn’t bring to heel.’

Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

So God created man in his own image…and God blessed them and God said unto them…replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have domino over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

Genesis 1:27-28

The Bible’s literal interpretation continues to damage and destroy life.

I rise above the sense of separation into a consciousness of my union with [all living spirits.]

Science of Mind


‘It’s hard not to believe in magic when you know you live in a giant art gallery.’

In our natural state, we are:



-Jennifer Rose

Join the team.

Until Congress passes legislation to make Net Neutrality permanent, we must join as a national collective to keep the town square of the 21st century democratic and assessable to all citizens. Remember, this fight effects all other fights, e.g. tax reform, health care, freedom of information.


Sign Up to Join #TeamInternet

The Trump administration and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai have joined forces with the biggest broadband providers to try to roll back our online rights. They want to destroy Net Neutrality — and we need to stop them.

We’re launching a bold plan to combine people power with technology to build an unstoppable volunteer grassroots network of Net Neutrality activists.

Together we’ll push back against threats to internet freedom.

Team Internet will be made up of people like you. We’ll provide you with insider campaign updates, access to organizers, connections to like-minded volunteers and the training and support to take your activism to the next level. Will you join #TeamInternet?

We see a future where we have the media and technology our communities want and need to answer hard questions, build collective power, and organize and advocate for the issues that matter. Together we can ensure the internet is a tool for our collective liberation.

We can win this fight. We have the facts, the law and the internet on our side — now we just need the right people to help make this plan a success.

The open internet is under attack, and we want you on the team to help protect it. Sign up to join #TeamInternet!

To join “Team Internet”, follow the link:

Here’s an easy to follow graph/flow chart to better understand the effects of Net Neutrality.

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