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November 3, 2017

This full moon has the potential for creating crisis that can assist in breaking through from stagnation, calcification and stubbornness where anger and irritation play a big role, to a softer, emotional and vulnerable experience where creativity rules and imagination is fertilized with gratitude, love and awe.

Accept and acknowledge the structures that have served you so well up till now. And then, make a commitment to do it differently, allowing for change. In honor of the theme of turning the soil, it would be appropriate if you actually did that either physically in a garden or psychologically by recapitulating your past and revisiting some of the more significant events of your life. Be flexible and allow some things to break off and others to surface.


‘…we desperately need nuance.’

Is ‘Weinsteining’ getting out of hand?

by Cathy Young/LATIMES

Many people — not just men with skeletons in the closet — fear that careers may be destroyed over minor misconduct and ambiguous transgressions. Troubling rhetoric abounds, condemning all sexually tinged dynamics in the workplace, stereotyping men as abusers and women as perpetual victims in need of quasi-Victorian protections.


In another harsh example, Roy Price, the former head of Amazon Studios, lost his job over a single complaint of propositioning a female executive at a booze-soaked event in 2015. (There is no suggestion that Price tried to retaliate for rejection.


Even aside from dating and relationships, casual or committed, there is little doubt that many women enjoy some degree of sexual interaction in their work lives. Can anyone claim with a straight face that women do not initiate flirting, ribald humor and sexually themed chitchat in the workplace, just as men do? Much of this behavior is welcome or harmless; some of it can be unwanted and obnoxious.


Sexual abuse in the workplace, or anywhere else, is unacceptable. Even boorishness that doesn’t rise to the level of harassment should be discouraged, especially from people in authority. On the other hand, sexual interaction will happen unless the workplace is regulated to a dehumanizing degree and realistically, some unwanted sexual attention will happen as well.

As we grapple with these issues, we desperately need nuance.

Cathy Young is a contributing editor at Reason and an occasional past contributor to the New Republic.

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