On This Train

    August 2, 2017

    From Asha Deliverance, Taliesin’s mom.

    Written in honor of my son Taliesin Myrddin 
    “Tell Everyone on this Train I Love Them…”
    Thank you Victor Johnson

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    And this.

    “Dear Asha,

    Like so many people I was in one measure shocked by what happened and in the other awed by Taliesin‘s selfless act of love and courage to do the right thing in a horrible situation. I spent a little time online learning a bit about who Taliesin is and what he believed in and stood for. I then learned that he worked with my friends and colleagues at Cadmus. I want to share this song I wrote called “Night Birds,” as I believe Taliesin embodied the spirit of the song’s intention as much as anyone could. I have also made a donation through the fund set up to honor Taliesin at Reed College.Most importantly, I wanted to send my thoughts and support an Thank you for the spirit of love that you and your family embody.

    In peace,
    Mike Rufo”

    “This song alludes to a story of a young couple who decide not to be together yet because the world is stuck in senseless violence, separation, and injustice. They decide to turn into night birds until humanity has had a consciousness transformation that eliminates war, hunger/poverty, and injustice. Of course, the song is as much a set of images and that’s just one possible interpretation. Ultimately, it’s about belief that a better world is possible and the comfort, love, and support that we provide to each other along the journey.”

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