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    August 28, 2017

    A post from Taliesin’s mom, Asha Deliverance, about this Eclipse from her astrologer friend, Julia Bondi.


    ‘A total Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun temporarily blocking the Sun’s rays/light. It is a rare celestial event presaging significant shifts in our personal and collective worlds. Our Sun is the life and vitality of our Solar System making our lives possible. Solar energy affects the the earth’s electromagnetic field, our DNA, and our pineal gland. As the Moon hides the Sun during the eclipse, our past represented by the Moon is reintegrating with our essential Sun energy, our vital core self, an alchemical evolutionary process offering an evolutionary leap into a more awakened identity, self awareness. It’s a powerful refresh of who we are and can be, enhancing the magnetic quality of our being to create, to attract, to choose, to act consciously rather than to fear, to fight, to retreat into despair and hopelessness. 

    The August 21st Solar Eclipse is a marriage or conjunction of the Sun and Moon in the Astrological sign of Leo joined by the fixed star Regulus and the planet Mars with support from the planet Uranus, an extraordinary gathering of dynamic change. The last total Solar Eclipse that crossed the United States from coast to coast was on June 8th, 1918 which followed a similar path to the current path of totality. In 1918 the 1st World War was ending, President Wilson was envisioning a League of Nations to join the nations of the world together for peaceful resolution of conflicts, to make the world safe for democracy. WW 1 was to be the war to end all war. Screening The Birth of A Nation (originally called The Clansman) in the White House, Wilson’s racist views contributed to a rising of the KKK, lynching and approval of Jim Crow segregation. Today we are again focused on racism, war, and peace. It is time to make a new choice, a positive choice to see each of us as divine expressions of God not others defined by race, religion or ethnicity. 

    The Sun and Moon meeting in Leo are offering Americans and the world an invitation to a heart initiation, an awakening of our capacity to live vital, joyous lives, to love fully, to move beyond separative fear based behavior to Leo’s partner, its opposite sign, Aquarius who holds the gift of group/world conscious belonging and service. From separative personal desire to an inclusive desire to become a world server; from conflict to cooperation, from fear/hate to love, from a closed heart to an awakened heart, from intense individualization to a great modern movement guided by “the better angels of our nature”. This is the moment to blend the urge to synthesis with a heart expansion into loving inclusion of all, a recognition that love is the inherent binding force of our solar system. 

    From the mothers of slain young black men and women to the families of the slain parishioners at Mother Emmanuel Church to the mother of a slain young man in Portland to the mother of the slain young woman in Charlottesville, mothers are choosing Love, standing for compassion, progress, and a better world. The center point of this Solar Eclipse pathway is right over the Grand Tetons, the grandmother mountains. Let the mother’s be our guides to a better world, a world awakening to Love and Wisdom at this Solar Eclipse.’


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