Words that resonate.

    February 20, 2017

    ‘Our worldview casts a shadow in the words that resonate.

    One reason it’s difficult to understand each other is that behind the words we use are the worldviews, the emotions and the beliefs we have before we even consider what’s being said.

    Before we get to right and wrong, good or bad, effective or ineffective, we begin with worldview.

    They affect the way we choose a car, engage in a conversation or vote. These cultural and learned worldviews alter the way we see and hear and speak.

    Words like: Fairness, change, interference, freedom, responsibility and opportunity trigger different reactions based on worldview. It’s always easier to encourage action based on an existing worldview than it is to change that view.

    The columns below don’t line up for everyone (or anyone), but instead highlight different instincts on different axes on how each of us see the world in any given moment…

    An all-powerful authority Treat others as you’d
    want to be treated
    Confidence, results,
    right now, right later
    Exploration, truth, working toward perfect, always a little wrong
    power, agency, taking space
    Role awareness, dignity,
    giving space, flexibility
    Deserve, entitled, keep Share, distribute, invest
    Effects Side effects
    Ends and means Means and ends
    Getting things done Listening, speaking up
    and being heard
    Patriotism, nationalism,
    the homeland
    Community, ecology,
    the system
    Power, authority, compliance, respect, status Fairness, hope, justice,
    connection, healing
    Profit-seeking Public utility
    Intuitive Informed
    Realism, denial Optimism, pessimism
    Rewards, incentives,
    victory, spoils
    Equity, fairness and
    the alleviation of suffering
    Urgency, triumph,
    security, impulse
    Self control,
    long-term thinking, wisdom
    Vengeance Forgiveness
    Zero-sum Win-win

    Once we understand the landscape that someone sees, we have an easier time using words and images to fill in that landscape, to create a story that they can hear and understand, and, perhaps, we can make change happen.’

    -Seth Godin

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