Remember who we are.

    December 6, 2016


    Evil deals with shadow; Truth deals with light, which dispels the shadows. We are of the Truth. Evil is neither person, place, nor thing.

    All the sages have plainly told us that we already walk the streets of this city, but, like the slaves of Plato, our vision is blurred by shadows cast on the wall of human experience.

    This is the true city of God ~ the city of right thoughts and right actions, the city that is four square, the length and breadth and thickness of which are equal.

    I am one with all other citizens who inhabit this celestial metropolis. Here, in a true communion of Spirit, I find unity, peace and joy.

    ~Science of Mind

    ︶⁀°• •° ⁀︶

    ‘Each person you meet is an aspect of yourself, clamoring for love.’  

    ~Eric Micha’el Leventhal

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    ‘…honor each obstacle as something flowing in its own right in the Universal stream, to see ourselves and the obstacle as two limbs of the same tree drifting in the same river, bumping into each other, and even blocking one another for a moment.

    All the while we are invited to question that in us which insists that what is before us is an obstacle in the first place. It may be something small that our history of struggle has enlarged into tragedy or bad luck.

    If something appears to be blocking our way, we must try to understand what is moving it and what is moving us. If our movement in the world is still blocked, perhaps we are meant to be still.

    We must not damage ourselves unnecessarily by trying to force a movement to happen before its time.

    ~Mark Nepo


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