Minding the gap.

    October 27, 2016


    (Photo: San Juan’s Lopez Island, Washington, October 2016)

    ‘Because the space between what we intend and what we do is often great, we keep beginning. Because the gap between what we feel and what we say is often surprising, we keep trying. Because the field between what we experience and what we understand is so vast, we keep growing.’

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    So often we refuse to listen, we become obsessed with remaking the world in our own image, rather than opening the spirit of what is. At the deepest level, ours is not to make ourselves heard but to be still enough to hear. As the Native American Elder Sa’k’ej Henderson says, “To truly listen is to risk being changed forever.”’

    -Mark Nepo

    ‘…stop making, stop doing, stop thinking…and just listen…’

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