Loving. Fiercely.

    October 4, 2016

    There is a faith in loving fiercely
    the one who is rightfully yours
    especially if you have
    waited years and especially
    if you never believed
    you could deserve this
    loved and beckoning hand
    held out to you this way.

    I am thinking of faith now
    and the testaments of loneliness
    and what we feel we are
    worthy of in this world.

    …and I think of the story
    of the storm and everyone
    waking and seeing
    the distant
    yet familiar figure
    far across the water
    calling to them

    and how we are all 
    preparing for that 
    abrupt waking, 
    and that calling,
    and that moment 
    we have to say yes,

    except it will
    not come so grandly
    so Biblically
    but more subtly
    and intimately in the face 
    of the one you know
    you have to love

    so that when 
    we finally step out of the boat 
    toward them, we find
    everything holds
    us, and everything confirms
    our courage, and if you wanted 
    to drown you could, 
    but you don’t 
    because finally 
    after all this struggle
    and all these years
    you don’t want to any more

    you’ve simply had enough
    of drowning
    and you want to live and you 
    want to love and you will
    walk across any territory
    and any darkness
    however fluid and however
    dangerous to take the
    one hand you know
    belongs in yours.

    Excerpted from THE TRUELOVE
    From ‘The Sea in You :
    Twenty Poems of Requited and Unrequited Love
    © David Whyte and Many Rivers Press


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