The matter of spirit.

    October 10, 2016


    ‘It is the world that is enlightened and we who are intermittent.’

    When I lapse between comets, I try to watch fish swim and hear birds glide while I trudge out of synch. And in a tremor of faith, I know if I don’t try at all, it will all return as surely and softly as light fills a hole.

    Center yourself, and bring to mind the last time you experienced your being, and doing, as one.

    -Mark Nepo

    Phineas Quimby:

    ‘Mind is matter in solution, and matter is mind in form; but he said they are the matter of Spirit.’

    Mary Maker Eddy:

    ‘Disease is the image of thought that appears in the body. They are saying the same thing.’


    ‘We see the universe as solid fact. God sees it as liquid law.’

    This is the basis of our whole work – – that consciousness establishes its own form independently of any form that is already established, but only when it has new impulsion or idea or vision in the real of unconditioned causes.

    -The Anatomy of Healing Prayer (1991)

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