What are we becoming?

    July 26, 2016

    For Seth's Message

    Photo: Cold Springs Bridge south of Ketchum

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    ‘Every day, we change. We move (slowly) toward the person we’ll end up being.

    Not just us, but our organizations. Our political systems. Our culture.

    Every day we make the hard decisions that build a culture, an organization, a life.

    Since yesterday, since last week, since you were twelve, have you been making deposits or withdrawals from the circles of supporters around you?

    People don’t become selfish, hateful and afraid all at once. They do it gradually.

    When we see the dystopian worlds depicted in movies and books [politics], are we closer to those outcomes than a generation ago? Do we find ourselves taking actions that make our conversations more considered, our arguments more informed, our engagements more civil? Or precisely the opposite, because it’s easier?

    When your great-grandfather arrives by time machine, what will you show him? What have you built, what are you building? When your great-grandchildren remember the choices we made, at a moment when we actually had a choice, what will they remember?

    We are always becoming, and we can always make the choice to start becoming something else, if we care.’
    -Seth Godin


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