June 19, 2016


Elected officials: Move beyond the 2nd amendment rhetoric and political dogma and ban these weapons of war in the United States. The creators of these weapons did not intend them for citizen use. Military personnel have spoken out against them for use by civilians. And while the Senate was involved in a filibuster to force a vote on gun protections last week, 48 people were shot in this country. We may never know the true motives behind tany of these massacres, but we do know the automatic weapons they chose to use kill many people very quickly. Children. Worshipers. LGBT. Theatre attendees. The only underlying motivation to keep these weapons in our country is the political maneuvering of the NRA, and profit seekers. Enough.

From The British online newspaper, The Independent:


A British citizen tweeting after this story was posted:

‘Unbelievable-they don’t seem to have much respect for life.’

During the filibuster, there was a shooting every 23 minutes

Earlier this week, we reported that on the same day of the Orlando massacre — the largest mass shooting in US history — there were 42 other shootings across the country.


June 17 marked the 1-uear anniversary of one of the worst acts of hate violence against African-Americans, in at least a generation.

The Orland massacre on June 12th, one of the worst acts against the LGBT community.

We have moved beyond the rhetoric of the 2nd Amendment – – the debate is weapons of war in the hands of civilians.

Contact your state senators today, Sunday, June 19th, and ask them to vote ‘YES’ tomorrow, Monday, June 20th, on the Feinstein and Murphy amendments. In Idaho:

Senator Jim Risch:


Senator Mike Crapo:



US Mass Shootings, 1982-2016: Data from Mother Jones’ Investigation


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