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    February 12, 2016


    From Susan Sarandon who recently returned from the shores of migrating refugees. She offers these reputable agencies to send aid.

    “Many of you have been asking about ways you can help the refugees in Lesvos. Here are just a few of the many groups that I worked with when I was there where donations would be put to good use.”

    Dirty Girls of Lesvos Island

    “When the refugees arrive on Lesvos in unstable, overcrowded boats, they are drenched with sea water. They are given new clothes and their perfectly good, but wet clothes, are discarded and have mostly been trashed, therefore adding to the environmental problems of landfill on Lesvos. Dirty Girls collects the clothes and have them laundered at a commercial laundry. They are sorted and distributed so that they can be reused.”

    PROEM – AID 

    “A nonprofit Spanish search and rescue association made up of emergency professionals doing sea rescue in Lesvos. All work for free, pay their own way and are on call 24/7. Their only expenses are to keep the boats on the water.”

    Because We Carry

    “A Dutch organization that collects baby carriers and Baby Björns for refugee mothers.” 

    Off Track Health – Moria Medical Center

    “A volunteer-run medical center near Moria Camp where doctors provide aid to new refugee arrivals on Lesvos.”

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