‘…who touched it along the way.’

    August 2, 2015

    Right on Seth.

    Show us the pictures 

    ‘There’s an increasing gulf between the privacy of individuals and that of corporations and monopolies.

    An individual is almost certainly going be videotaped every time he leaves home. You will be caught on camera in the store, at the airport and on the street. Your calls to various organizations will also be recorded “for quality purposes.”

    At the same time, it’s against the law to film animal cruelty on farms in many states. And if you say to a customer service rep, “I’m taping this call,” you’re likely to be met with hostility or even a dead line.

    Kudos, then, to police departments for responding to the public and putting cameras in cars and on uniforms. And points to Purdue for building a chicken processing plant where the animals aren’t covered with feces and where they’re able to proudly give a tour to a reporter. They’re not doing this because they’re nice guys… they’re doing it because customers are demanding it. They view it as a competitive advantage that their competitors will have trouble replicating.

    Your online history with a company ought to include a complete history of all the emails and phone calls you’ve had with them. And when you choose a piece of clothing or a piece of fish, it ought to be easy to see where it was made and who touched it along the way. 

    If we’re willing to see it.

    It’s not a technical problem. It will happen as soon as enough voices in the supply chain (perhaps us, the end of the chain) demand it.’

    -Seth Godin

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