Reflections from Martin Luther King, Jr ~ 1954

July 7, 2015

For Dr. King the Confederate flag symbolized much more than ‘state’s rights.’


The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr (p. 42) – Edited by Claiborne Carson

“Not long after I arrived (in Montgomery, Alabama) a friend was gracious enough to take me by the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church where I was to preach the following morning.  A solid brick structure erected in Reconstruction days, it stood at one corner of a handsome square not far from the center of town.  As we drove up, I noticed diagonally across the square a stately white building of impressive proportions and arresting beauty, the State Capitol – – one of the finest examples of classical Georgian architecture in American.  Here on January 7, 1861, Alabama voted to secede from the Union, and on February 18, on the steps of the portico, Jefferson Davis took his oath of office as President of the Confederates States.  For this reason, Montgomery has been known across the years as the Cradle of the Confederacy.  Here the first Confederate flag was made and unfurled.  I was to see this imposing reminder of the Confederacy from the steps of the Dexter Avenue Baptists Church many times in the following years.”



Millennials and Retirees Flock to Idaho

News 6 in Idaho

By Jake Melder. CREATED Jul 6, 2015 – UPDATED: Jul 6, 2015

Walk down the streets of Boise and you’ll see people of all ages, but slowly taking over the businesses are millennials – those age 20 to 35.

They bring with them a unique ideology. Nick Taylor, chairman of Boise young Professionals says they look for jobs where they can have an impact.

“They want to work somewhere where they feel like they matter, feel like they have opportunity, feel like they’re being listened to,” he said.

Area leaders in business and government have taken note, forming groups and think-tanks like BYP to capture the demographic. Taylor says they strive to include the younger generation in the planning of civic projects.

As one group comes to the state to start their lives, many others are coming at life’s close. More than 35,000 people age 65 and up have moved to Idaho since 2011 – more than any other age group. They bring with them a higher demand for healthcare.

In response, area hospitals are teaming up to provide the best care. The Idaho Medical Home Collaborative is a new way for doctors to collaborate on a patient’s care, regardless of where they get treatment.

“[It’s] a holistic long-term continuum of care involving both chronic disease and wellness programs with the goal of reducing utilization, keeping people out of the hospital,” said Dr. Steven D. Brown, VP and Chief Medical Officer of Saint Alphonsus Health Systems.

The added demand for care means more opportunity, bringing us full circle: jobs are out there for the incoming generation.

Although the groups seeing the largest growth are the young and old, it’s the middle aged that dominate in the state. Nearly half of the population is between forty and sixty-four. Idaho is in general somewhat young. The median age is two years younger than the national average.

From Seth Godin

Templates for organic and viral growth 

Each of these examples is different, but they all share common traits.

Invent a connection venue or format, but give up some control.

Show it can be done, but don’t insist that it be done precisely the same way you did it.

Establish a cultural norm.

Get out of the way…


EDM shows

Do Lectures

The Girl Scouts

Airbnb listings

No kill shelters

Vertical TEDx’s

Meetup events

Night basketball

Farmers’ markets

Rock climbing gyms

Alcoholics Anonymous

Ultimate frisbee leagues

Independent record stores

Grateful Dead cover bands

True Value hardware stores

Habitat for Humanity chapters

Clean Web Design