Practice seeing…and kindness.

May 21, 2015

‘Too many times we hurry, rushing about from one errand to the next and barely looking at who is walking alongside of us through this journey called life. If we stop for just a moment – – make eye contact, smile, offer a kind word – – we become a place of love on the planet. We create healing with every act of kindness we engage in. With so much of life occurring online, we are virtually connected to everyone in the world, and yet we may actually be interacting with fewer people than ever before. Let’s practice…seeing everyone we meet.’
~Science of Mind

Nebraska gets it…

They say if ‘we’re going to be pro-life’, let’s really be pro-life’.

From theSkimm:

‘Let’s talk death penalty. Yesterday, Nebraska voted to get rid of it. The bill is expected to get the ‘veto’ stamp from Nebraska’s gov., but lawmakers say they have enough votes to override it. If it’s passed, Nebraska would be the first conservative state to abolish the death penalty in more than 40 years. After botched executions using lethal injection drugs in Oklahoma and Arizona last year, there’s been a debate over whether these drugs count as “cruel and unusual punishment.” The Supremes are making that call on one of these drugs next month.’

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