Sunday, May 3rd, at 4 pm…

May 3, 2015


“Fourteen Honors Recital students from the Sun Valley Summer Symphony School of Music will perform selections, including Broadway tunes, blues and classical music, in a free concert open to the public at 4 p.m. Sunday, May 3, at the Wood River High School Performing Arts Theatre at the Community Campus in Hailey.

Truth and reconciliation…

This talk was presented at TED back in 2012, and now seems particularly poignant in light of the violence, riots and emerging protests across our country in the face of police brutality/death, poverty, and mass incarceration where inmates are unproportionately black.  Human rights lawyer and activist Bryan Stevenson speaks with a quiet passion in this brilliant 20 minute talk.



Global Art Project…



“Thinking about death clarifies your life.” (Before I Die – amazing global art project.) 

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